Rekindle Athens

fourth year lauren linkowski

photo by avni ahuja

photo by avni ahuja

Candles are the most common item on our roommate shopping list. Whether it’s dinner alone, watching tv, or hosting a study session in the living room—candles are on every mantle, table, the windowsills, and most certainly lit multiple times a day. In my house we wholeheartedly believe that a candle, in all its therapeutic glory, can fix a bad day and make a good one better.  

Rekindle Athens, an up and coming, grassroots candle business founded by UGA alum Matt Mewbourne is likely to be the new source of our slight obsession for a few important reasons.

First—a candle and with a side of ‘go dawgs,’ UGA grads living in Athens selling to the community here? What’s not to love? Moreover, Rekindle encourages their customers to reduce their environmental footprint. Water is conserved by choosing soy wax over paraffin, trees are planted in honor of every $100 spent on wooden wicks, and the touch of burlap added to the tin line of candles is up-cycled from 1000 Faces wholesale coffee bags.

Not enough to convince you? Each candle poured in a tin can is purchased by Rekindle from Athens PB&J, another UGA organization who work to feed and build relationships with the homeless population here. With the cash, Athens PB&J can buy food to continue their mission, and Rekindle can pour a candle.

While the tin can candles have a great feel-good aspect to them, the company was actually sparked by Matt’s passion for art, specifically ceramics and pottery. Each ceramic candle is hand crafted and glazed by Matt himself. Unless, of course, Matt is supporting other local artists and their pottery or glazing techniques with a special edition line.

Every single aspect of a Rekindle candle gives back somehow and by shopping local consumers give back to that same local community. On top of it all, Mewbourne makes sure his customers know exactly what their purchase is supporting. His favorite moments include the excited conversations with farmer’s market regulars and the nighttime pick-ups of custom orders right at his doorstep.

To learn more about Rekindle follow them on instagram @rekindleathens, go to, or make it a point find Matt, Kayley, and the whole team at Athens Farmers Market!

Part of the reason candles burn so frequently in our house is because they inspire me to spread the light I have to others. Some days more of a flicker, and some a full-fledged flame-- Athens is the place to find what sets your soul ablaze and share it with others. Now, when I see, and hear due to the crackling wooden wick of, my Rekindle candle, I not only am inspired to keep my flame, but also know that by choosing Rekindle over the random TJ Maxx brand, that I am supporting other students’ passions, as well. So, do yourself a favor, do the world a favor, and do the Athens greater community a favor. Choose Rekindle and carry your light, or just your weird obsession with candles, with the promise of impacting areas larger than yourself by a local purchase.