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third year Evan Lasseter

One of my shameless hobbies is keeping up with various YouTubers who review the movies or music they consume during the year. Come December, without fail, videos covering their favorites from the year surface all over YouTube. Following these super cool people who share their passion for art inspired me to use this platform of The Chapel Bell to share some of my own favorites.

Based off of my consumption, I’ll be doing a short reflection/review on my favorite book, movie, rap album, and non-rap album of 2018. As you read through this article, think of your favorites from the past year and reach out to me and The Chapel Bell to tell us what has inspired YOU!

Non-Rap Album: Trench - Twenty One Pilots

I understand that Twenty One Pilots is often a hit or miss for most people. I obviously fall into the hit category, but take heart, haters! Trench has proven to be accessible for people that formerly weren’t fans of the band. As a concept album that details a fictional universe created by the band, the project was made for immersive consumption. Don’t miss out-- watch the music videos and maybe even some explanations of the lore behind the universe the duo created to get the full sensory experience. So whether you like “Stressed Out” or not—go check this one out!

Rap Album: TA13OO – Denzel Curry

TA13OO, pronounced “Taboo,” saw Denzel Curry garner more critical acclaim and mainstream success than previous releases. This category was a close contest for me, but the more I revisited this album, the more I loved it. For rap fans, this album touches all the bases. Curry showcases an outstanding knack for lyricism while maintaining unparalleled artistic diversity. This album moves from cerebral reflections to all out bangers and features from artists like J.I.D and JPEGMAFIA.

Book: On Tyranny by Timothy Snyder

Snyder is the Levin Professor of History at Yale University who uses his study of fascist regimes to inform On Tyranny. The book reads as a reflection on how to identify when our freedom is at risk and also how to act in the face of tyranny. Do you love your freedom? Do you want to protect it? This book is an absolute survival guide when it comes to democratic society. It is also eerily relevant to our current social climate, so I keep it on my hip for reference at all times.

Movie: Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

Truthfully, I’m not much of a movie geek, but this one right here was stellar. The movie features refreshingly unique animation that is aimed to resemble that of a comic book with impeccable execution. On top of the animation, the storyline also provides an authentic teenage energy encapsulated by the main character Miles Morales’ signature Air Jordan Ones. There has even been a recent release of the actual shoe under the name “Spider-Man.”

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photo by emily haynie

photo by emily haynie

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