Trust the Timing

fourth year nyia bolin

photo by farah hammady

photo by farah hammady

I am not a patient person so, needless to say, waiting for the right time isn’t really my thing. Whether it be a holiday break, an acceptance/rejection to an application, or a major milestone in my life, I find myself anxiously and frequently checking my calendar (and the countdown app on my phone), as though that would make the time go by quicker. It’s difficult to trust that things are happening at the exact moment they’re meant to.

The Chapel Bell came into my life at exactly the right time. Last year, I had a difficult time transitioning to UGA. This campus is so big, and while there are several opportunities to gain friendships, it can also feel overwhelming at times to find your niche in such a large community. I was also dealing with the loss of a family member, and it felt as though I had lost a piece of myself. When I joined TCB, I immediately felt as though I had gained a new family. Like the hard times I went through were just a way of making space for what would come. This process took time, though. My life didn’t turn around immediately. I had to deal with difficult circumstances and wait it out until it was time for the positive things to come into my life.

Sometimes I wonder why things happen when they happen. Is the course of our lives dependent upon the choices we make, or is everything already predetermined? Nevertheless, I don’t think this matters. I think that what matters is that we trust that what we are dealing with in the present won’t last. While our present may impact our future, we can wait it out to see the possibilities the future brings. Whether you’re nervous about what awaits you, or you’re currently dealing with a stressful situation, it is important to remember that these moments are just a small fragment of our lives. Our lives come down to the timing of what happens to us, and if we trust this timing, then we can only imagine what amazing things are bound to come in time.